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Companies Act 2006 - Company Names

Provisions of the Companies Act 2006 regarding a company’s name come into force on 1st October 2009.

A name will not be registered if:-

  • Its use would, in the opinion of the Secretary of State, constitute a criminal offence.
  • It is offensive in the opinion of the Secretary of State.
  • It is the same as a name already registered.
  • It is an inappropriate use or indication of company type or form.
  • It includes letters, other characters, punctuation or symbols not permitted by regulations.

Some names require the prior approval of the Secretary of State before being registered.  These are sensitive names or names that imply a connection with HM Government or a local or public authority.

A company can change its name by special resolution as before, but it can also be changed by whatever means are provided in the company’s Articles of Association.  A company will, therefore, be able to determine the procedures for changing its own name.  Following a change of name, Companies House needs to be notified.  Any change of name takes effect from the date on which the new Certificate of Incorporation is issued.

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