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Companies Act 2006 - LLPs

Subject to a limited number of exceptions the Companies Act 2006 applies to LLPs. 

The main exception relates to accounts.  The accounts and audit provisions of the Companies Act 2006 do not apply to LLPs.  LLPs are subject to separate regulations.

The structure and incorporation of LLPs has not changed.  The provisions regarding directors’ addresses will equally apply to members of LLPs.  This is to ensure consistency.  Companies House will show a service address, which does not need to be a member’s residential address.

On choosing the name of an LLP, the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 will apply.  Please see the Briefing Note “Companies Act 2006: Company Names” for further information regarding restrictions of the choice of name.

LLPs, like companies, are under an obligation to make trading disclosures.  An LLP is to display its name at its registered office and any inspection place.  Just like a company, an LLP is under an obligation to display specified information on various business documents and on its website. 

The director’s duties under the Companies Act 2006 do not apply to members of an LLP.

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