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Business Rates Exemptions for Empty Non-Domestic Property

This checklist sets out the exemptions from business rates for non-domestic properties. 

Retail property 

  • 100% relief for a continuous period of three months only.
  • Changes of ownership during the three-month period do not trigger a fresh three-month exemption. The exemption applies to the property, not the person paying the rates.
  • Short-term occupation of the property (of six weeks or less) by, for example, a tenant or licensee during the three-month period will be ignored. The three-month period and the business rates exemption will continue to run despite any short-term occupation. This rule prevents owners from gaining additional periods of rates exemptions by establishing a temporary letting.
  • If the property is let or occupied for a period of more than six weeks, the rates exemption will end at the start of that period, but when the property becomes vacant again, a new exemption period can be claimed.

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Chancel Repair Liability

What is Chancel Repair Liability?

Chancel repair liability dates back to medieval times, when every parish had its own rector. The rector enjoyed certain proprietary rights, including a right to profits from parish land and tithes.  Repairs to the chancel (or eastern end of the church) were the rector’s responsibility and the rector would pay for these repairs using the income from parish land and tithes.

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