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Quarterly Briefs to the Construction Industry

  Name Summary
/images/acrobat.gif Construction Industry Briefing Note - Summer 2008 Identify your workforce; Is there a genuine redundancy situation?; How many redundancies are likely?; The redundancy procedure; Confirm dismissal in writing; Financial entitlements; The consequences of getting it wrong; The Compromise Agreement route; and A fair redundancy process the top five golden rules!
/images/acrobat.gif Construction Industry Briefing Note - Winter 2007/Spring 2008 Annual increase in compensation limits; Capability dismissals; TUPE overseas; Corporate Manslaughter; Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006; Holiday issues; Immigration issues; Additional maternity and paternity rights delayed to 2009; and Agency workers.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law for the Construction Industry The CIS Scheme and Employment Status; Agency Staff; Holiday Pay Increase Consultation; New Penalty Fines Proposed for Failure to Pay National Minimum Wage; and Smoking Ban - 1st July 2007
/images/acrobat.gif Joint Ventures For Tenders A useful briefing note covering joint ventures for tenders
/images/acrobat.gif Autumn 2006 The CIS Scheme and employment status; Age Discrimination; Contractor owes a duty of care to employees of sub-contractor; Drink and drugs; UK restrictions of employing Bulgarians and Romanians; Corruption in construction; Women in construction; The Apprentice (part 2); Holiday pay exemption; Asbestos regulations; EU fails to agree on UK opt-out of working week limit; Employment Law News
/images/acrobat.gif Spring 2006 Employment status; Agency danger; Rolled up holiday pay lawful; TUPE; Site situations; Disciplinary warnings; Whistleblowing; BATJIC pay deal; CDM Regs; The apprentice; EU services directive status; and Employment Law News
/images/acrobat.gif Autumn 2005 Employment status update; Labour only liability spreads to sub-contractors; Changing employee's terms and conditions; Rolled up holiday pay lawful; Changes to maternity leave and flexible working; EU Agency Directive delayed; Drugs and alcohol out of the industry; Local labour for Olympic contracts; and Age discrimination and new legislation.
/images/acrobat.gif Summer 2005 Employment status update; Agency workers; Age discrimination; Unfair dismissal not redundancy; Smoking at work; TUPE; Long-term sick leave and holiday pay; Working time opt-out; Modern Apprenticeship training scheme is not a contract or apprenticeship; CIJC apprentice rate increases; Tribunal award in whistle blowing case; Work related stress; and Health and safety.
/images/acrobat.gif Spring 2005 Employment status; Holiday pay for the self-employed; Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 1998; Increases in minimum wage; Maternity leave and flexible working; Discrimination legislation; TUC guidelines for monitoring employee sexuality; Draft TUPE regulations; Pay deal for construction workers; Increase in paid holiday; Information and Consultation Regulations; and Work at Height Regulations 2005.