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Monthly Employment Law News Updates

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/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - September 2007 Holier than thou; Age discrimination and enforced retirement at 65; Minimum wage; Is sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander?; New statutory holiday entitlement; Pay in lieu of notice; Huge race discrimination award overturned; The end can justify the means.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - July 2007 No Smoking; More Holidays; Company Drivers and Employers' Liability; Minimum Wage; Retirement and Dismissal; Vulnerable Workers; Common Sense re: Groups of Companies; and If you don't resign, we'll have to dismiss you...
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - June 2007 The No-Smoking thing; Now it's Dad's turn; Medical reports and disability; Highly Skilled Migrants Programme; A single Equality Act gets nearer; and "Without Prejudice" - What does it really mean?
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - May 2007 Don't get rough if an employee sues; Ambulance chasers and cowboy advisers; Age discrimination in recruitment; The blind man and his dog again - disability discrimination; Flexible work and the in-laws; A new twist to religious discrimination rules; Fines for health and safety offences; A warning to employers; and England comes last in no-smoking race.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News Smoke Free England; Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedures (1) and (2); New Rights for New Mums: New Problems for Employers; Whistleblowing; Equal Pay; Trade Union Membership and Politics; UK Sex Discrimination Law is Inadequate; and Discrimination: Muslim Veils and Bank Holidays for Part Timers.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - February 2007 Agency Supplied Staff; Dismissal and Final Warnings; Minimum Wage; Changing Terms of Employment and TUPE; Flexible Working; Employers' Liability Insurance; Who is an Employee?; and Disability and Dismissal.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - January 2007 Annual Holiday Rights - Increase; Smoking at Work Outlawed; Flexible Work Arrangements; Overseas Employment and Unfair Dismissal; Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures; Firefighters and Police - New Pension Scheme; Statute Law Database; Sex Discrimination; and Minimum Wage
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - December 2006 Dismissal for incapability can be fair even if the incapability results from the employment; Age Discrimination Regulations challenge goes to Europe; New Tribunal compensation limits for 2007; Review of disciplinary and grievance procedure rules; Grievance procedures and time limits; Employment law advisers to be regulated; Compensation for loss of future earning on unfair dismissal; Workers from Bulgaria and Romania; Unfair contract terms and employees; and Consultation on redundancy
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - October 2006 Religious discrimination; Employment of TA reservists; Equal pay; Age discrimination; EAT criticism of legalistic approach to procedural rules; Asbestos; Grievance hearings and "without prejudice" discussions; New Construction Industry Scheme; When do staff handbooks become legally enforceable?; and Holiday pay for farm workers.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - September 2006 Age Discrimination; Minimum Wage; TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings); Redundancies; Holidays - increase in minimum entitlement; Maternity, etc; ECJ on Working Time; Fire Safety Law; and Implied Terms.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - July 2006 Age Discrimination; Disability Discrimination Law referred to the European Court; Welfare Reform Bill; Smoking at Work; This is the life - Pay for sleeping; Corporate Manslaughter Bill; Employer liable for employee bullying; and Asbestos/Mesothelioma.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - June 2006 Holiday rights to increase; Fixed term contracts; Asbestos and mesothelioma cases; Race discrimination; Equal pay (1); Equal pay (2); Redundancy notices; Working time max 48-hour week opt-out; Disciplinary and grievance procedures; and Unfair dismissal.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - May 2006 Maternity leave and bonus pay entitlements; Bank Holidays; Shift workers' holiday pay; Trade Union Freedom Bill (proposed); Age discrimination regulations; Upper age limits and unfair dismissal; Sex discrimination and the Foreign Office; and Sunday working.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - April 2006 Age Discrimination Regulations published; New official guidance on the meaning of "Disability"; Grievance and disciplinary and dismissal procedures; Holiday pay and the Working Time Regulations; Agencies in the food business (and Gangmasters); Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006; Race discrimination code of practice; Paternity leave and pay; and Villalba case
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - March 2006 New TUPE; Current TUPE; Equality Act 2006; Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill; McJobs that all the family can share; More on flexible working; Part-time workers; Overseas work and unfair dismissal; Age discrimination and application of EC Directives; Constructive dismissal; Compensation for unfair dismissal; Modern apprentices; and The importance of evidence in disciplinary proceedings.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - January 2006 Increase in compensation limits; Equal pay; Data protection; Pensions and consultation; Fire certificates; Transsexuals; Employment status; Time limits for Tribunal claims; and Constructive dismissal.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - December 2005 Increase in compensation limits; Extended definition of disability; Working time (on-call and opting out); Grievance procedures; TUPE; EU employment dictionary; and Defence to disability discrimination claims.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - November 2005 Maternity/paternity pay and leave; Joint vicarious liability; Noise at work; 5th December commencement for disability changes; Rolled up holiday pay; Holiday pay claims; Changes to terms of employment; Health and Safety prosecutions; Bullying at work; and The new construction industry scheme and status reviews.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - October 2005 1st October 2005 - New employment related legislation in force; New Sex Discrimination Act and Equal Pay Act rules; National Minimum wage; Employment Tribunal application forms; Tribunal too expensive and complicated; Return to work part-time after maternity leave; Job application scam; Temporary workers EC Directive shelved; and Trade Union ballots.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - August 2005 Interpreting British regulations in line with EC directives; Minimum wage; Sex harassment at work; Sex discrimination; Age discrimination; Redundancy pay; No smoking in Scotland; Part time workers and occupational pension schemes; and Drop in Tribunal claims.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - July 2005 Working time; Agency workers; Compromise agreements; Data protection; Employing immigrants; Smoking at work; Sex discrimination; TUPE; Equal pay; and Health and safety.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - May 2005 48-hour working week opt-out; Smoking at work ban nearer; Equal pay claims and maternity pay; Illegal immigrant workers; Bank holidays; Reasons for Tribunal decisions; Tribunal claims by email; Overseas employment; Parental leave; and Health & Safety - accident reporting.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - April 2005 New employment regulations; Holiday pay for those on sick leave; Employment responsibility for bullying by employee; 48-hour working week opt out; Disability Discrimination Act; Company operating and financial reviews; and Time limits for claims to Tribunals.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - March 2005 TUPE regulations; Minimum wage; HGV and PSV drivers - working time; Work at height regulations; Discrimination; Maternity (and paternity and adoption) pay and leave; Corporate manslaughter bill; Company directors' indemnities; and Immigration and work permits.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - February 2005 Stress; EAT v EAT; Payroll giving; Employers' liability insurance; Collective redundancies; Burden of proof in discrimination cases; and New claim and response forms in Tribunals.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - January 2005 Age discrimination; Information and consultation regulations; New Employment Act; Data protection employment code of practice; Rolled-up holiday pay; and Tax and changes to terms of employment.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - December 2004 TUPE and pensions; Increases in Tribunal compensation limits; Equality and Human Rights Commission; Smoking at work; Homeworkers; Working hours; Freedom of information; Costs in Tribunals; and Employers' liability insurance.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - October 2004 1st October changes; Employment Relations Act 2004; EC changes to working time rules; Consultation with staff; Pension bill amendments; and Increases in immigration fees.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - July 2004 Written particulars of employment; Employment Tribunal's annual report; Compensation for unfair dismissal; Part time employees; Information and consultation regulations; Constructive dismissal in discrimination cases; and Faulty work equipment.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - June 2004 Rolled-up holiday pay; Discrimination questionnaires; Asbestos; Other discrimination law news; Mediation and ADR; TUPE; Children and young persons at work; Stephanie Villalba case against Merrill Lynch; and Grievance Procedure - revision to May edition of newsletter.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - May 2004 Stress; Grievance procedures; Pregnancy and refusal of job application; and Redundancy and consultation.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - April 2004 Illegal working in the UK; Holidays and holiday pay; Minimum wage; Unfair dismissal avoidance scheme allowed; Compensation on unfair dismissal within 12 months; Agency workers; and Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - March 2004 TUPE and pensions; Compensation for injury to feelings in unfair dismissal cases; Backdated holiday pay; Homeworkers - new regulations; New EU members - restrictions on employee benefits; Criminal records certificates; Data Protection Act guidelines; Sex and race discrimination rules apply more widely than previously thought; and Resignation or dismissal.
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law News - January 2004 New compensation limits; Disciplinary and grievance procedures; Employment agency arrangements; Staff dress code; Equal pay; and Common commencement dates for employment law changes.