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Briefing Notes

  Name Summary
/images/acrobat.gif Key Labour Law Issues in England and Wales A useful guide to labour law issues prepared with international clients in mind
/images/acrobat.gif Age Discrimination Seminar Handout A handout from the seminar given by Melanie Smith on 21 September 2020 detailing the new age discrimination legislation.
/images/acrobat.gif Age Discrimination A useful note detailing the main concepts of the new Age Discrimination legislation
/images/acrobat.gif Comparison between key labour law issues in England and Wales and in France A useful guide
/images/acrobat.gif Employment Law Update January 2006 A handout from the seminar given by Melanie Smith on 18 January 2021
/images/acrobat.gif Trade Union Recognition A practical guide to and consequences of trade union recognition.
/images/acrobat.gif Age Discrimination Regulations and the effect on Partnerships A practical guide on the effect of the new Age Discrimination Regulations on Partnerships
/images/acrobat.gif Statutory Sick Pay Employers' briefing note
/images/acrobat.gif Data Subject Access Requests How to deal with data subject access requests
/images/acrobat.gif Guide to the role of Company Secretary A practical guide to the responsibilities of the Company Secretary
/images/acrobat.gif The New CIS A practical guide to the new CIS coming into force in April 2007
/images/acrobat.gif The Work at Height Regulations A practical note concerning the Work at Height Regulations
/images/acrobat.gif Guide to Director's Responsibilities A practical guide to Director's responsibilities
/images/acrobat.gif Stress and Employment Law Issues A briefing note on issues facing employers in relation to stress in the workplace
/images/acrobat.gif Giving references A practical guide to giving references
/images/acrobat.gif Statutory Disciplinary, Dismissal and Grievance Procedures Important changes came into force in October 2004
/images/acrobat.gif Statutory Trade Union Recognition New obligations on employers to recognise Trade Unions
/images/acrobat.gif Part-time workers: Public holidays and bank holidays DTI best practice advice note
/images/acrobat.gif Misuse of Email and the Internet Misuse of email and the internet can expose employers to unforseen liability
/images/acrobat.gif Information and Consultation Regulations 2004 Briefing note setting out the key points of these new regulations