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Intellectual Property

Brand identity and other forms of intellectual property are often the most valuable assets of a business. In today’s global market it is more essential than ever to have effective branding and intellectual property protection policies in place. We have the expertise to help you do this through the following services:

  • Trade mark applications – including co-ordinating worldwide portfolios

  • Copyright protection – advising on the same

  • Domain name applications

  • Monitoring services –

    • monitoring worldwide domain name applications and taking action against infringing domain names

    • monitoring newly incorporated companies that have chosen names which are similar to yours or incorporate your trade mark

    • monitoring companies that have changed name to one similar to yours, or include your trade mark

  • Dealing with websites containing misleading or infringing material

  • Advising on your rights in relation to intellectual property created by your employees

  • Licensing Agreements – creating tailor-made agreements and advising on the same, always bearing in mind the commercial realities of the individual situation

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