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International Legal Services

Morgan Russell specialises in assisting international businesses and individuals wishing to invest outside their country of residence. We work closely with experienced firms of Chartered Accountants and Dixcart, an international, professional financial services organisation specialising in international trade, tax and investment advice.

We have in-depth legal experience in international business contracts and relationships and can assist with:

  • Company acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Marketing and distribution agreements
  • Structures to provide preferred commercial and tax efficient holdings
  • Royalties and intellectual property
  • Management and control considerations
  • Business immigration, business emigration and employment packages
  • Tax advice for individual executives and proprietary interests
  • Internet trading and use of the Internet in general
  • Human resources

For further information on the services offered by Morgan Russell please contact Paul Morgan on +44 (0)1372 461411.

For further information on the services offered by Dixcart, including a library of news articles and information on key international jurisdictions, please visit the Dixcart web site.

Business Immigration to the UK

With skilled and specialist labour available from all over the world, it is inevitable that sometimes the best person to fill a vacancy will come from outside the UK. Similarly, an established business or an experienced businessman from outside the UK may often wish to establish an operating presence in the UK.

We can assist in all matters where a foreign business wishes to establish a branch or subsidiary in the UK, or where a UK based employer wishes to employ a foreign national within the UK.

We offer a range of services connected with business immigration into the UK, including:

  • Work permits

  • Hiring skilled migrants

  • Sole representatives of foreign businesses

  • Setting up of UK subsidiaries or branches of foreign companies

We are experienced in providing complete business immigration advice, including appeals against rejected applications. We can also advise on matters ancillary to the immigration of business people into the UK, such as the permission of spouses and children to enter and remain in the UK. In addition we provide a full range of services connected with the employment of the expatriates.

Click on the title to find Morgan Russell's briefing note on 'Key Labour Law Issues in England and Wales'. This briefing note is specifically intended to assist international clients. In addition your attention is drawn to the 'Employment Law Country Comparison' which compares employment law in England and Wales, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

This is explicitly substantial for moms and dads that prepare to build a bond with their kids for the remaining life.

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