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Training/Seminar Testimonials

Redundancy and Restructuring Seminar
Presented by: Mel Smith, Employment Partner at Morgan Russell
Location: Hoe Bridge Golf Club, Woking
Date: 28 January 2021

“I expected a general update on a very topical subject and my expectations were met. A lot of knowledge was imparted in a very useful and interesting way. It was a really useful and enjoyable seminar. I would definitely contact Morgan Russell if I had the need.”
C. Barber – Novex Solutions Limited.

“I wanted to update myself on redundancy and my expectations were met. The whole of the workshop was helpful. Nothing could be improved – very good.”
L. Cussans – Simply HR

“I expected an overview of redundancy and the steps to go through. My expectations were definitely met! It was very useful and informative - glad to have been invited.”
A.Kuehnel – Geotrace Technologies

“I expected a refresher/update on any recent changes and my expectations were fully met. The relaxed style is great and the take-away booklet is great for future reference.”

“I had high expectations, which were fully met. The knowledge and interaction were most helpful and I do not think you could better it. It is excellent!”
S. Doherty – Lerch Bates Limited

“I wanted to pick up some tips on dealing with redundancy and reorganisation in the most fair way while also meeting business needs. My expectations were met and it was useful to understand the ways in which contracts can be varied to avoid redundancy. I found all aspects very helpful”

“I wanted to clarify certain redundancy procedures and all aspects were covered.”
D.Jones – British Marine Federation

“I wanted to understand the process of redundancy and identify any potential problems with our current process – it was very informative.”

Melanie Smith
Anne-Marie Pavitt
Sarah Frisby (nee Taylor)